Going a Step Beyond Just Words- Creating the Future through Communication -

Supporting more valuable communication through interpretation,
translation and staffing services

Congrès Global Communications offers interpreting, translation and temporary staffing services.Creating new value through communication: Based on this philosophy, we have built a strong track record over many years, across a wide range of fields and in many different situations.Throughout, our emphasis has always been on the quality of the services we provide.We continue our pursuit of communication that deepens mutual understanding, bringing to each assignment our outstanding operational quality and full management capabilities.



Reliability Built on Attentive Coordination

We offer interpreters with the advanced skills and the commitment to hospitality needed to respond flexibly to any situation.

Since our founding in 1975, we have provided interpreters for many international events.As business globalizes and with today's emphasis on building harmony in the international community, interpreters are expected to play an increasingly diverse role.We ensure each project's success by assigning interpreters who meet the needs of each job and each customer, selecting from among thousands of candidates based on field of specialization, skill level, personality and other qualities.


Cutting-edge IT Delivers Customer Satisfaction that is a Step Ahead

Flexibility allows us to serve as an outside translation office for the customer.

By combining experienced, specialist translators with the use of translation support tools, we can handle large-volume translations quickly while maintaining a reliable level of quality.We have also acquired ISO 17100 certification, attesting that the translation services we provide conform to international standards.
Our seasoned project coordinators assist in resolving customers' global business issues, offering fast, attentive service and providing support for the use of translation assets via the latest technology.


Temporary Staffing Services that Stay One Step Ahead with a Focus on Specialists

We specialize in introducing work-ready personnel to meet individual customer needs.

Leveraging our many years of expertise and a system for hiring and evaluating language personnel, we select from among a deep pool of richly experienced individuals to offer each company the optimal language specialists for their needs.
We also provide comprehensive support for everything from language personnel development to team building.We have a reputation for providing attentive service, from skill assessments based on our expertise as an interpreting and translation company, to follow-up once temporary staff are assigned.

Total Solution

One-stop Support for Corporate Language Solutions

We offer one-stop resolution of customer concerns regarding language.

We make full use of our interpreting, translation and temporary staffing resources to offer services that promote an inter-disciplinary approach to language-related work.
As a partner our client companies can truly rely on, we create customized proposals based on the optimal configuration of personnel and services for each individual case.